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Photo: Marcus Engler


Since early childhood days, the heartbeats of siblings Nate, Ben and Dom somehow always seemed to beat in time. Growing up in a musical home, they took divergent musical paths, which led them independently to different musical styles and projects. After finding Sebastian, their brother from another mother on Bass, they now venture to continue all together on a journey of unified musical pursuit.

Being detail-oriented and prone to big melodies, SUNS OF ELO create captivating, boppy, yet emotionally-loaded songs that consistently tend to blast off and draw you out. Inspired by the fact that, where shadows are — there must always be light, SUNS OF ELO cleverly plays with contrasts and frequently turns heaviness into dancing. With roots in jazz, pop and electronic music, as well as post-rock, punk and hardcore, these four Leipzig-based musicians leave their audiences enthused by their fresh, unique mixture of synth-pop and electronic rock.

SUNS OF ELO | Photo: Marcus Engler

Photo: Marcus Engler

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